Art Shed Gallery and Studios, London, UK

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South Hackney Parochial Trust

A collaboration with local school children, Prideaux House, the musician Juwon Ogungbe and Custard Architects to create a living archive of experiences living in South Hackney.

Institute of Education, London

The work combined children's paintings of contemporary educational theory and resources from an early years classroom re-contextualised within a modernist gallery space.

Argyll and Bute Council, Isle of Bute, Scotland



Installations created with children on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, using a small quantity of the vast volume of plastic washed up on the beaches.

MODA, London, UK - Limerick City Gallery, Limerick, Ireland - Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Canada -  Light House, Glasgow, Scotland

Design No8


Design No8 was the result of the efforts to build a bungalow in an art gallery within a specific time. Based on one of the original designs by the architect Jack Fitzsimons available in his book Bungalow Bliss (1976), this was part of a research project for 'Space People Make- Bungalow Blitz'.

Galerie 101, Ottawa, Canada - Galerie Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada - Contact Gallery, Norwich, UK - Kirby Gallery, Knowsley, UK - Pilgrim Gallery, London, UK

A series of paintings based on photographic images from my family's photo albums.

Kirby Gallery, Knowsley, UK

The exhibition was the result of a collaboration with Alice Wharton, then aged 90, who had lived in Kirby since it had been a village, surrounded by farms and open countryside. 

City of Ottawa Art in Public Spaces Commission, Ottawa, Canada

Installed on a derelict open space in the Lower New Town neighbourhood used by groups of people including sex workers and homeless young adults. 

Gallery SAW, Ottawa, Canada

Invitations were issued to the patrons of the National Gallery Canada and the Ottawa Art gallery to attend the opening of Tableau Vivant: Another Piece of Fine Art by Jim Grant.

Galerie Articule Projects, Galerie Articule, Montreal, Canada 

This installation was created in a closed down foundry in Vieux-Montreal. The area was once a thriving industrial sector of the city and had recently been re-zoned for gentrification.

Galerie Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada

An installation using materials found on the site of a demolished factory that had originally produced hats in the Lasalle neighbourhood of Montreal.


An artist, 3 curators and a school full of children worked to create a gallery and arts studio in an inner city London school.