Token Oaks: 6 Walks 10 Trees

I am really interested in the sorts of things  we choose to have around us that characterise aspects of collective identity.  I wanted to know if I stood in front of an oak, and looked at it for a long time, would I sense those idiosyncrasies we attribute to 'Englishness'. This is a series of walks around our capital city, to discover oak trees and to record what I find with drawings and photographs.

Walk 3 Tree 5 2016 Charcoal on paper 110cm x 75cm

Le bac

Le bac is a wood I regularly walk, its near my studio in Southern France. Having read Shama's Landscape and Memory and Macfarlane's The Old Ways I was particularly drawn to the idea that walking pulls together ideas of constructing and (re)presenting memories in relation to seeing the 'the path through the wood' as a multimodal text.  I kept thinking that by regularly walking the same path I was making my way through previous stories that stretch back to before history, that were made for many reasons, perhaps because of love or fear?

  Tile: Taken Spray paint on paper 2017 90cmx 90cm


Albion Tours: Views from the Window

I have very fond memories of looking out of the windows of our family car as we drove abroad on our summer holidays. I remember trying to look quickly at people, buildings and landscapes as we passed by, hoping to detect and identify differences and similarities to home. Thinking about how we absorb and engage with 'window shot' views from cars, or coaches or trains to create a collective and individual sense of who we are and where we live, I am currently making my own journeys across 'the nation' using the Readers Digest Touring Guide to Britain as a guide.

Across the North Yorkshire Moors 2017 C-type Print 30cm x 30cm